How to Play a Guitar Guide for a Beginner

How to play guitar guide

Prior to learning the ropes of guitar playing, you will need to purchase your very own instrument. That guitar should meet certain requirements:

  • It should have strings which are soft so you will not injure your fingers.
  • The size and weight of the guitar should be appropriate for you so that you can comfortably hold and play the instrument.

When you are purchasing your very first guitar, don’t buy the most expensive one available. Price doesn’t always mean quality, and you can find some inexpensive guitars that are just as well made as the more costlier ones.

If you can locate guitar that is gently used, of top quality and meets your needs, then buy it. Later on, if you decide to continue with your new music hobby, you can always buy a brand new guitar.

Once you get your guitar, check to be certain it is properly tuned. If you have never tuned a guitar before, you may find this a little difficult initially. To make things easier, you might want to purchase an electronic tuner; these can be bought in any music store.

Another invaluable tip in the how-to-play guitar guide for a beginner is to purchase a pick. Strumming a guitar with your finger nails is not a good idea. Not using a pick opens your fingers up to all kinds of pains and injuries. You will have very little interest in learning to play the guitar if your fingers hurt every time you try to move them.

Next, on your how to play guitar check sheet is learning about chords. If you are using an instructional tool, it should have a clear description of how to learn chords. Simply follow the instructions and apply the correct fingers to the appropriate strings. Before you can focus on guitar tabs, you must concentrate on chords.

If you need visual assistance, there is no shortage of guitar instructions for beginners. A great deal can be learned by watching these video guides. When you are watching the programs, keep your eyes on the guitarist’s fingers and hands. This way you can make sure you completely understand the right way to hold and play your instrument.

After you know the chords by heart, you should be able to manage playing a few of the easier songs. If you use a quality, instructional tool, you will discover how easily you can play your guitar like a professional with time and practice.

As you can see, the secret to playing guitar is just like everything else in life. The more time and effort you put into it; the better your results will be. Keep in mind, of course, that you should have realistic expectations when you first begin playing the guitar. You won’t sound like your favorite guitarist on the first day. Consistently put the time in, and your skills will grow quickly.

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