How to maintain an ATV winch

Taking good care of your winch it ensures it will not break soon. Owning a winch for a long time and not doing proper maintenance on it is the recipe for disaster. Being in a difficult situation and relying on the winch to get you out just to find out that it does not work, it’s a bummer.

There is no regular interval on which you should do a maintenance check on a winch. Maintenance should be done on prolonged use or if it sits unused for a long time. Let’s go through some maintenance steps.

The first thing you should do is to check the battery of the ATV. An electrical winch uses the ATV’s battery to power the engine. If the battery is in bad shape, then the performance of the winch will be reduced. Check if the battery holds charge, also check the wires that go from the battery to the winch. Use a multimeter to check that the winch is receiving power.

The second thing to check is the winch internal electric cables. If the ATV was left outside, it’s possible that a rodent got in and chewed the electric wires.

The 3rd thing to check is the rope of the winch, the steps are the same for metal and synthetic ropes. Unroll the rope 3 feet at a time and check if the rope is damaged. In the case the rope is damaged it can snap under tension so be sure to check it accurately.

Do a test. Put the winch to some small test to check that everything works properly. If the winch is broken, you can try to fix it as parts are not that expensive now. In case you are looking for a new winch, give Warn a try and check the warn ATV winch reviews on Caetla.

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