We are just a community website her to share some cool and useful tips and tricks on how to from our own online lab. Social interactions and interacting groups and individuals with each other with the whole psychology behind that, Yes, that’s what we like and monitor. It’s funny realizing when there are almost two different realities simultaneously. Online world has become sometimes an issue, sometimes help to others, but it’s definitely evolvement forward to learn to work with, not fall with it.

We are going to be objecting and uncovering some of these subjects on this website, until we get all bored of it 😀 No, of course not. If anyone feels like to work or partner with us, just let us know via email on our contact page or just simply through a classic comment section on the bottom of every page, that would be awesome. Also, if you like our website and our write-ups, please share on as many social networks as you can.