I’m Flying Away

Good Evening, Social Rabbit here.

You may or may not have heard that I, the Chief Rabbit (Lara Solomon), am heading over to the UK for 12 months to spend time with family.

This website will still be up, but I won’t be blogging, it’s time for a break.

The Facebook page will be there, but I won’t post that regularly, but I will monitor it so please still use it.

I am still seeing a few clients virtually, but no face to face meetings or training for a while.

In the exciting time away I will be working with an online ethical travel company in the UK, I am super excited about the change, and I will be flying off literally next week.

I’ll be on email, so please keep in touch.


  1. Wishing you happy travels Lara, I hope all is well at home for you and look forward to hearing if any changes occur when you come back!


  2. Enjoy your time Lara, hope everything is ok. Nice timing heading into summer!

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