Is Pinterest Really the Best Way to Drive Traffic to Your Site?

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Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

You may have heard that everyone is getting VERY excited about Pinterest because it drives more traffic to websites that some other social networks?

Shareaholic measures the traffic from over 200,000 publishers each month and publishes data on which networks are driving the traffic, below you can see the results for January 2012.

You can see in this chart that Facebook is top in terms of referral traffic (referral traffic is when someone first goes to Facebook/Twitter etc and from there clicks through to your website).

What people were getting excited about is that Pinterest as an invite only social network with 31 million users is outpacing other networks such as YouTube which has millions more users.

This referral chart tells us that people are MORE likely to click on links to your website from sites such as Facebook, StumbleUpon and Google than they are from LinkedIn or Google+, but remember they are averages and you might be getting very different results.

Word of Warning

You should realise that these figures are percentages, so if you think about it Google (this isn’t organic search, it’s gmail, google news & google images) may only have 3.62% referral traffic, but it has millions and millions more users than Pinterest does, so in theory more people in terms of numbers will be clicking through than they will on Pinterest.

Don’t read this and think OMG I need to move to x network because it is better for referrals, think about the numbers as well, and of course if your audience are even using that network!  Plus check out the section below on your website visitors.

Website Visitor Source

Shareaholic also published this table, which is share of visits, these are not just social networks, this is how people got to your website – they looked at 200,000 sites to get this information.  It is this that is also important to look at on your site because it means you can see the importance that a social network plays in driving traffic to your site, vs. Google search.

social networks traffic

When you add in the direct traffic and the organic traffic from search engines you can see that suddenly the social networks don’t look quite as appealing…

Basically you DON’T want to ignore search engines and just focus on social, your site still needs to be optimised with great content, regular updates and good keywords.

How do these compare to your site?


  1. Pinterest might not be the best but you do get some traffic .I will take any amount from each they all add up in the end

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