The Low Down On Google+

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Google+ opened its doors at the end of June last year to personal users and finally opened the doors to business pages in November 2011.  There are now apparently over 90 million users of Google+, with 60% active daily.  Now first of all let’s just clarify that 90 million people have created an account, which we all know is different to actually “using it”.  Then 60% active daily sounds massive, when in actual fact it means that 60% of those 90 million use a Google product daily, eg search, once you know this it doesn’t sound quite as impressive does it?

The top person on Google+ is Britney Spears with 1.5million followers, so nowhere as many people’s followers on Twitter or Facebook, but for a network that has only been around for 6 months it isn’t bad.  Whereas the top page is Coldplay with only 521,000 followers….

Earlier this week I looked at the changes on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and today is Google+’s turn, except there haven’t really been any recent changes, but there is still a lot of confusion around using it for business.  This blog post will hopefully make it all a bit clearer….

Who’s Using it?

The image above is the most recent infographic I could find on the users, which isn’t very helpful, as it doesn’t tell us about the age of users, what they like or dislike, what they do for work etc.  Which makes it very hard to then decide if your business needs to be on it.  Everyone is worried about Google promoting Google+ pages above the nature search results, but that hasn’t as yet happened.  But that doesn’t mean it won’t!

The Business Page

On your business Google+ page it works the same as a Facebook page whereby people can see your page if they don’t have an account, but they can’t comment or interact with the page at all without a Google+ account (NB: If you create any type of Google account, e.g. Google Analytics, now you are forced to create a Google+ account)

Which brings me back to the stats, if you don’t know if your audience are on there is it worth doing?  You could do a bit of a survey amongst people in your audience who you know to see if they use it.

The Users

It seems that the people who actually use it love it, I personally would not really count myself as a user, since I don’t really interact and rarely post.  I think that there is little point in reposting the same content from another network, as to be honest I think that my followers are the same ones I have on Facebook and/or Twitter!

How To Use It For Business

Google+ is the same as any other network you need to use it, that means that regular posting and interaction is the key to success.  To drive people to your page again promote it as you would another network, so

  • Add a link on your website
  • Cross promote through other social networks
  • Promote it on your email footer
  • Interact with others on Google+ which will (if your posts are good) increase your followers
Other Resources:
Here are some great tools I’ve found for Google+ that give you a head start on how to improve your page….

I think that the jury is still out on whether Google+ will be successful for businesses, it will be a case of seeing if enough people not only create accounts, but whether more importantly if they use it……  What do you think?  Will Google+ become the huge social network that Facebook is?

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