What the Facebook Changes Mean for Businesses

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Last week the F8 conference took place and with it lots of announcements of changes to come on Facebook.  Mark Zuckerberg said that the changes are “all your stories, all your apps and a new way to express who you are”.  Mark also talked about rather than just using the LIKE word for how people express themselves on Facebook new verbs will be introduced with apps, such as reading, writing, listening etc.  This will make a lot more sense, so rather than liking a book you can now read it!  I have summarized the big changes below…

1) Facebook Timeline

Personal profiles will be changed to look like a timeline of events, below is an example of what your personal profile (thanks Jason Kincaid from Techcrunch) will soon look like….  They is being rolled out slowly, so I personally don’t have this look yet, but don’t worry/panic it is coming!  Facebook have said that in the next 2 to 4 weeks it will be rolled out.  There are so far some timeline lovers, whereas others are not keen, but I guess I will have to wait until I experience it to pass judgement.  If you can’t wait that long to try it you can enable it now by following these steps on Mashable.  Plus for a video to show how timeline will work you can see more here.

Jason's facebook timeline

FOR BUSINESS – yes this will probably eventually rolled out, as happened earlier in the year Facebook rolled out changes to personal profiles first and then pages

2) The Ticker

new facebook tickerThis sounds odd, I know, but basically this is just a list on the right of your screen showing you what your friends are up to.  Again I don’t have this yet, so thanks to Jason :)  This is slowly being rolled out starting with the USA (for a change).













3) Applications

This is where the opportunity lies for businesses.  Facebook have created a new way for applications to interact with users.  In a nut shell what has happened is that now when you use this app everything you do is shared on Facebook with your friends – unless you change the settings… see below

new Washington Post Facebook appThis is the new Washington Post Social Reader.  There are a number of other app’s that also do this, namely Spotify and Hulu (but neither work in Australia :().  You can see here they say that “news. better with friends” you click on the blue button “read now” to add the app to your profile.





Once you have added the app you get this image which asked you to “log in and add to timeline”.  You notice here that it says that you share each article you read with your friends, but you don’t have to, you can click cancel.  Now, lets face it most people will click add to timeline.





facebook ticker with washington post articleFinally you can see here I added the app, clicked on an article, and it has added it, so that my friends can see what I have read, well ok, what I have clicked on.  I can see this being a bit odd, as I may click on articles about things that I don’t want others to know about…. be warned.








For Business this means that your product/service is going to be seen by lots more people, no longer will people need to “choose” to share that they have bought a dress or drank some wine, or whatever, it will add it automatically without prompting, unless you change the settings.  This is great for businesses who want to build awareness, but users may not be quite so happy seeing everything friends are up to!

Other Changes that you may have missed

  • The top blue bar on Facebook now doesn’t move when you scroll down the page, making it much easier to search and get back home with out more scrolling
  • You no longer need to LIKE a page to write on the wall – boo not LIKING this one, it means that people are less likely to LIKE your page and more likely to spam!
  • You can see friend’s activity on your page now with a new tab under the info tab
  • You can see who shares content on your page
  • You now have 5000 characters to write your posts in!

You can see that Facebook has changed again, if you are having a meltdown, don’t worry it isn’t that big you will adjust :)  I am very interested to see how the new app’s will work and who starts to adopt them.  I think that they offer a huge opportunity for businesses, as let’s face it most people won’t change the privacy settings!

What do you think of all these changes?  Good? Bad? Ugly?


  1. From a personal perspective I love the the changes. I signed up early for the developer preview and thinks it great. I found it very nifty to look back through ones timeline. I lot of third party services have run similar services but it is great to see Facebook doing it.

    Even after the novelty of running back through my past wore off I still found the new layout of images, music and photos excellent and really brought the online Facebook experience “alive” again!


  2. LAME! My personal page is only there so i could get a business page! I’ve paid hundreds of dollars in ads for my Facebook page and now u don’t even have to like it to post??? Seriously! I’ve lost about 40 ‘fans’ since they changed their format and i would prefer that people actually had to pay to have a page if that meant the admin got more control! Right now I am unable to ban abusive people from the page and it’s just become an exercise in futility.

    I used to love to post to my page and now I dread logging in at all. I wish I could start my own social network site called “IN YOUR FACEbook” cuz that huge sucking sound you hear in Palo Alto CA right now is Facebook!

  3. Social Rabbit says:

    Hi Jay,

    That’s very annoying that you have lost 40 fans since the change over. You should be able to still ban abusive people, although if you can’t it may be a glitch. I expect that more changes will come soon for pages, hopefully for the best.


  4. Social Rabbit says:

    Hi Mark,

    Great to hear that you love it, I know that some people are having mixed experiences. Have you found the changes have made any difference to your page? As per Jay’s comment.


  5. jacq wallace says:

    I really love it for my personal page having signed up for the developers preview as well. It gives me more of an opportunity to show my authentic identity and love more of the visual imagery to reflect that, I’m taking the opportunity to reposition myself and love the changes.

  6. Hi Social Rabbit,

    I have not found any of the problems Jay has. Although I have two separate accounts one for work (admin control etc) and one for personal. I have only converted my personal to timeline!

    Still loving it a month in btw!

  7. Social Rabbit says:

    Thanks for coming back Mark,

    That’s awesome that you still love it, I think after a while we get used to the changes until more come along :)


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