Pick Up a Book on Facebook

Good morning, Social Rabbit here with you guide to the world of Social Media…

Today I have my reading glasses on, and as a big fan of reading I’ve been researching the best libraries on Facebook!

THE WILLARD LIBRARY ON FACEBOOKWillard Library have a great book news tab where you can sign up for their newsletters by genre, see what events they have coming up and search their catalog – it’s like a mini library online.  It is great to see that app’s specifically for libraries are starting to pop up.






THE BRITISH LIBRARY ON FACEBOOKThe British Library has a reviews tab where anyone can write a comment about their visit.  As you know i am a big fan of the reviews tab for service based businesses, and this one is no exception.  The British Library is more than just a library, it is an attraction therefore having a reviews tab makes perfect sense.







THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARYIn the New York (one of my favourite cities) library you can sign up to their enews from the Facebook page.  I really believe that anyone who has an enewsletter needs to have the option for people to join it from the Facebook page.  I know that we hear that emails are passe, but in reality they still work :)






COLUMBUS METROPOLITAN LIBRARY ON FACEBOOKAt Columbus Metropolitan library they are promoting their summer reading club.  Promoting the offline online is a great way to get more bang for your buck, and they do this really well with video as well as an image.







NYACK LIBRARY ON FACEBOOKNyack Library are using the LibraryThing free application to promote books.  The library have manually added these books and when you click on each book you have a description, an option to add a comment, author’s details and you can add it to your own reading list.  I think that this is a great idea, however not very well executed here, I mean 6 books?  If you are going to do it do it properly, adding a few books each month, I think this looks a bit pitiful.



THE NEW YORK LIBRARY ON FACEBOOKThe New York public library has a great welcome/landing tab on their page.  You can scroll through the section at the bottom and click on each image and it takes you through to that section of their website.  Visually it is very appealing and also makes it really easy to see which services they offer.






I am pleasantly surprised by the innovation of libraries, as most are government owned and run and funding is always a drama.  There is a lot I think that you can add to your page, and it’s not going to cost money, just time.  I mean lets face it you have so much content to write about that you could never run out… choose a book a day and open your audience’s eyes to what is out there!

Thanks to Maureen from Lithgow library for the inspiration.  Next week I will be drinking my way round wineries on Facebook… if only they had tasting tours online with real wine….

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