Did you know: Anyone can Edit a Facebook Place?

Good Morning, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Recently I read about people on Facebook having the ability to edit Facebook places, which I though was a great idea, however now I have actually had the chance to do it I am not quite so sure.

Below is a post that Jump Start Outdoor Training put on the Social Rabbit page, as you can see when I moused over the thumbnail I was given 3 options: 1) LIKE, 2) Get directions and 3) Edit.  The Jump Start page is a place and page in one (when you fill in your full address on the info tab of your page it turns it into a place), which is why I got these options.

Editing a facebook page or place

When I clicked on EDIT it took me to the section below where I can basically suggest information for the page, you can see below that I can suggest place sub categories as well as edit any of the other information.

editing the Jump start outdoor training Facebook page

Now in theory you would think that the page owner would then be sent a notification to say that someone has made suggestions to change their place, however it doesn’t look like that is happening, which is odd, or maybe that is still coming……  I have made changes and know that so far the owner hasn’t been notified.

The Good News

  1. Someone can’t go in and just change your page information, it has to be approved (not sure by whom – will keep you posted)
  2. The new option to get directions I love, rather than having to go to Google Maps and type in the address I can do it all in one spot :)
  3. This is a chance for you to clean up places for your business, below the map on the edit button you can see duplicates – i.e. if visitors haven’t found your place and have created their own.  If there are duplicates you can click on the TICK to say that it is a duplicate and someone somewhere will know and hopefully clean them up!

This may all sound a bit vague to you, but is it important that you keep on top of what is going on with Facebook places – you don’t want to approve someone’s changes without knowing (when/if you get sent it to approve).  You also don’t want duplicate places on Facebook for your business, as it means that visitors aren’t finding the one that you have set up and put so much time and effort into.  Which means when Facebook deals finally go global they won’t see them :(

What do you think of the places clean up?  I think the editing is really not that helpful, as in theory if you own a place you’d have the right information in it.  The duplication of places is definitely helpful, I know I often try to check in only to see that there are 2 or 3 places with the same name.

I’m off to check in, out and shake it all about!


  1. Hi Social Rabbit,
    Do you know if you can delete/hide a Facebook Place listing after you have claimed it?

  2. Hi Trish,

    Yes, just go to Manage settings as you would on a page and there is a delete option at the bottom :)


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