Will you Google +1?

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Back in March this year Google introduced the +1 button – their attempt at going up against the Facebook LIKE button in terms of social sharing.  As with the LIKE button you can +1 a website or an article on the site, depending on how the site owner has set it up.  If you haven’t seen what it looks like here is the +1 button on the Mashable website.  The +1 button started to roll out across websites from last Wednesday (1st June 2011).

It is now nearly a week later after +1 buttons started to appear on sites and I have to say I haven’t seen a single one in any search results when I’ve Googled!

The button is not apparently going affect search results, so for example if one article has 20 +1’s and the other has none it doesn’t mean the first article will appear higher in the results – the search algorithms will remain the same.  All that happens is next to the article it will have the number of plus ones that it has received, so in theory you know which are the most popular.  Then of course it is more likely that you will choose to look at those articles with more +1s.

The +1 button does have the advantage in that it can be added to Google ad’s, which could prove really popular.  But, unless you and your friends have a Google Profile (and are connected) you won’t see what they have clicked +1 on, as it only shows in your profile newsfeed.  Here is my first +1 from an article on Mashable.

If you want to add the +1 button to your site, it is really easy – just a little bit of code.  I haven’t seen many sites with it added as yet.  CNN.com – one of the first websites to install the Facebook LIKE button has not added the Google +1 as yet, also Levis.com were one of the first to add the LIKE button and they have not adopted the +1.

Will you add the +1 button to your site or do you think that your website it rather overloaded on buttons?  I can definitely see the appeal of the +1 in terms of search, it gives the article social proof, and therefore should make it easier to find relevant results when you search.  There is obviously rather a lot of wait and see going on with the button.

I like the fact that people can see without going into an article/image etc. how popular it is – no more clicking on it to see how many LIKES or Tweets it has got.  However of course it misses that social component of all your friends seeing that you have clicked +1, and it is unlikely I will look at my Google profile to see what others think – there is just so much going on all ready!

What do you think?  Tell me in the comments if you’ll add the button or are you going to wait a bit?


  1. This is certainly a outstanding post. Thanks a ton for taking a few minutes to detail this all out for all of us. It’s a great guide!

  2. Thanks Elana :)

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